Flatbed – Heavy Haul

Our Flatbed Trucking division works with some of the largest steel distributors and other industrial companies throughout

flatbed-trucking-featurethe United States. In addition to experience, we take special steps to ensure our position as a premier flatbed trucking company.

All of our flatbed drivers carry full 8ft. drop tarps to protect your goods in transit, as well as straps and chains to secure your products safely. Our drivers maintain your load security by frequently checking and rechecking to ensure the load is secure to the trailer during transit. Our flatbed trucking experts consist of strong team drivers and owner operators to get your shipment delivered safely and on time. We offer Flatbed Trucking, Flatbed LTL and Step Deck transport to meet all of your Flatbed shipping needs.

Flatbed Trucking rates can vary, and we understand the additional costs involved when utilizing rigging or crane services in the loading of flatbed or step deck trailers. Our flatbed trucking specialists communicate all information needed to each job site, rigging or crane facility in advance to ensure that your appointments are met and your waiting time is eliminated. Please let us know your shipment requirements, and we will be happy to coordinate your flatbed or step deck transportation needs.

For a 48′ flatbed, a legal load must not exceed the following dimensions:

  • 8′ 5″ high (102″)

  • 8′ 5″ wide (102″)

  • 48′ long (some overhang can be acceptable in most states)

  • 48,000 lbs

In addition, we also provide “Heavy Haul” trucking (commonly called wide load, or over dimensional) to meet all your larger shipping requirements. We offer a large variety of trailer types to suit your shipping needs – from Step Decks to Double Drops to RGN’s we can transport your products big or small to anywhere you need. We coordinate with each state to handle all needed permits and licensing to prevent any delay during the transit of your equipment or machinery.


CP also offers Power Only services for trailer relocation, or tow away services for containers, chassis or equipment on wheels. Regardless of where you are in the contiguous United States, Canada and Alaska, we can provide a power only tractor for your needs.Our ‘power only’ experienced independent and team drivers are skilled to handle all types of trailers and equipment. From amusement park setups to heavy specialty equipment to empty trailers, we’ve hauled it all. With everything CP Transportation handles, safety is always top of mind with your power only service, as well as maintaining the integrity and condition of the tow away it is we are transporting for you.



At CP, we are aware you have options when choosing an LTL trucking company to haul your freight. Where we excel above the rest is in our experience to handle LTL trucking situations in a cost-effective manner. Our customer representatives know the various types of transport equipment and choosing the best vehicle is an integral part of obtaining the best freight rate for your dry products. If the incorrect trailer is being used, you could wind up paying a much higher cost.

LTL trucking is the smartest approach to delivering your dry goods in a timely and cost-efficient manner when Full Truckloads are not possible. Of course, Full Truckloads (FTL) give you full access to a truck dedicated to transporting only your freight, and typically, the rate is per mile. However, if your freight does not fill up an entire 48 ft. or 53 ft. trailer, we may recommend you look to LTL as an option. Our experienced representatives will need to know the number of pieces/pallets and the weight of your commodities to determine if LTL is the best solution.


LTL Trucking | LTL Trucking Company


We pride ourselves on customer service, and want our customers to save money whenever possible. Hence, knowing the right trailers to use, the most efficient routes, and constant communication are all very important factors for us. Take a look at the diagram above, as it will be our starting point as these are the two most common types of dry freight trailers.

Our Refrigerated LTL and Flatbed LTL services extend across the United States and throughout Canada. Just CLICK HERE for a rate quote  and let us show you how we can assist you with LTL Trucking.